One Thousand Gifts (904 - 920)

© shoutingforha
904.  Finding more crazy pictures on my boy's iPod.  I love discovering the random photos he snaps and all the crazy Apps he likes to use (like Aging Booth or BaldBooth). 
905.  Realizing I happen to have $1 in my purse (I generally don't carry cash) so I can buy a copy of The Contributor.  I like supporting this good cause.
906.  Recovered cushions on our patio furniture.  Instead of paying $150+ to replace the sad, old cushions, I spent $12 on some tablecloths and made new ones myself.  Score!
907.  Fresh cooked tortillas.  Oh, my heavens.  They are so much better than the ones you can buy on the grocery shelf.
908.  Reading tweets and being so amused that I can't stop laughing.
909.  My boy's excitement over his new Airsoft gun that was purchased with his own hard-saved money.
910.  New recycling bins in my laundry room. 
911.  A beastly dog who, despite his size, still thinks he can sit in my lap.
912.  The smell of homemade granola just pulled from the oven.  I can't wait have a bowl with some dried blueberries sprinkled on top.
913.  A stack of freshly laundered towels.  I love the clean smell of detergent, dryer sheets and the tiniest hint of bleach.
914.  Knowing there are just 18 days left of school.  Not that I'm counting...
915.  Spending the morning cooking with some lovely older ladies from my church. 
916.  Strolling through all of the booths at The Main Street Festival.  I love our town.
917.  Enjoying a meal of sushi with my guys.
918.  Getting 12 hours of sleep.  I've been running on empty and it felt wonderful to finally catch up on some rest.  
919.  Walking around the giant Nashville Flea Market.  
920.  Listening to my hubby read to the boy before bedtime.  He has such a great reading voice and I especially love all the different voices that he uses. 

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