One Thousand Gifts (958 -970)

© shoutingforha
958.  The blue of a robin's egg. 
959.  An army of 5th graders having a great time at the end-of-year picnic. 
960.  A slideshow of elementary school memories.
961.  My guys rocking out at the talent show
962.  Elementary school graduation.  I am so excited about our next adventure... Middle School.
963.  The start of summer vacation.  Lazy days, kids playing, going to the pool, time spent with family and friends...  I love it all.
964.  An evening spent putzing around with my hubby.  I love spending time with him, no matter what we do.
965.  Late nights spent talking with friends.
966.  The sound of kids playing spotlight tag on a gorgeous summer evening.
967.  The smooth taste of French press coffee with a touch of cream, of course.
968.  The smell of sunscreen on my boy's skin.
969.  Dinner, good conversation and laughter with new friends. 
970.  A night out with one of my oldest friends.  I'm so glad to know her and be known in return.

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elizabeth said... Best Blogger Tips

I've popped in from Ann's. You've almost reached your first thousand! I'm almost at 2K...it's life changing isn't it?

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