Random Thoughts on a Thursday, vol. 6

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1.  This is what was waiting for me when I returned home from hanging with some girlfriends yesterday morning.  The glass storm door in our carport had been shattered.  

Thankfully, it was not a surprise.  I had received a phone call from the lovely man who has been mowing our ginormous yard every Tuesday for the past several years.  His best guess is that a rock was kicked up as he mowed the grassy area beside the carport.  He was apologetic and promised to pay for the replacement pane of glass.  Accidents happen. 

I was glad that I wasn't at home or my truck would have been the target instead.  I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure that it is easier to install a new pane of glass on a storm door than it is to replace a side window on a Suburban.  

It was shocking how long it took to clean up the mess.  I never realized just how much glass it takes to create a storm door until it had exploded into a bazillion tiny bits.  

The glass company is coming out on Friday sometime between "9:00 and 4:00."  I can't tell you how much I appreciate the way they were able to pinpoint their arrival for my convenience. Until then, we are just stepping through the door as if it isn't even there.

2.  It seems like just about every time I make a big purchase, the store always tries to sell me an additional add-on.  AppleCare for one of our eleven Apple products?  No thanks.  An extended warranty on my new washing machine?  Who needs it?  A maintenance plan for our heat pump?  Forget about it!  No matter what they are offering, I always decline.

Well, almost always.

Last March, the boy was playing at a friend's house and his glasses were accidentally knocked off his head, stepped on by his buddy and snapping the arm off in the process.  We declined the family's offer to pay for a new pair because, as I said before, accidents happen.

The place where we originally purchased the boy's glasses recommended that we take the maimed pair to a repair shop.  Thankfully, they were able to reattach the arm of the glasses but ended up scratching the snot out of the lenses in the process.  To make a long story even longer, the boy ended up getting an entirely new pair of glasses.

As I was placing the order, the sales clerk asked me if I would like to purchase their 1-Year Protection Plan for the low, low price of $34.99.  It would guarantee that I could purchase replacement frames and/or lenses for just $25 should another accident occur within the next twelve months.  After hemming and hawing for a few minutes, I broke character, paid for the plan, felt buyers remorse for a few days and then promptly forgot about it.... until Saturday afternoon.

The fellows had returned from their outing and had decided they were going to have a jam session.  For some reason, the boy decided to take off his glasses before putting on the headphones that he wears to protect his ears from the deafening noise of his drums.  He's not sure what happened, but somehow his glasses managed to fall off the table and he stepped on them.  

I immediately remembered my impulsive purchase of the 1-Year Protection Plan and did a happy little dance.  The boy walked away with a brand new pair of Ray Bans for a mere $25.00.  It had been just five months and twelve days since I bought the last pair, but who's counting. 

2.  Speaking of last weekend... 

As you longtime readers know, the hubby and the boy go out for breakfast and have "man time" almost every Saturday.  Tired of their usual haunts, they decided to go to Cracker Barrel last week and have a good old country-style breakfast.  The hubby sent me this picture of the boy's feast:

© shoutingforha
Look at the size of that meal!  My eleven-year-old ate two pancakes with peaches and whipped cream, biscuits and gravy, two eggs over medium, three sausage patties and a side of hash browns.  According to the hubby, all that was left was a few crumbs and some whipped cream.

I am constantly amazed by how much that child can eat.

4.  I am not adjusting very well to our new early schedule now that the boy is in middle school.  I have dark circles under my eyes, my head aches and I feel like I am walking around in a complete daze.  It seems that there is not enough coffee to pull me from my fog.  Believe me I've tried.  

Forgive me for stating the obvious, but I think the only solution is for me to quit staying up late and go to bed when I get tired.  As I've just stated, my exhausted mind is incapable of forming coherent thoughts.  

If yesterday is any indication, I should expire around 4:30 this afternoon. What do you think? Is that too early for a grown woman to hit the hay?

Happy Thursday everyone!

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gretchen from lifenut said... Best Blogger Tips

You must be tired because...it's Wednesday. I highly encourage an early bedtime. ;)

Kids and glasses. What a pair!

Chelle said... Best Blogger Tips

I am all for a 4:30 bedtime. I am in. :-) Love this post, you make me laugh. Miss you my friend.

nana said... Best Blogger Tips

Glass door = safety glass shatters, regular glass breaks in dangerous chunks. Glad it can be easily fixed…home owners insurance???
I remember the glasses incident…good scout is always prepared.
Amazing appetite on that growing boy…two pancakes alone would have filled me.
Secret Survival Advice from Nana: Take an afternoon nap…works wonders for the body.

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