Growing Pains

My son has been experiencing some growing pains as of late.  I'm not talking about the physical aches and discomfort that go hand-in-hand with adolescents.  He has rarely had to endure that type of pain despite his skyrocketing growth.

What we're facing is more like the baby bird stretching his wings and learning to fly so he can leave the nest variety of pain.  And let me tell you, it can be a little rough at times.

I had dozens of friends warn me that "sixth graders are hideous beings" and that I should be prepared for a rocky road.  I heard story after story describing the stereotypical emotional roller coaster of the preteen... The one minute they're laughing the next they're crying kind-of thing.  

I know I shouldn't be surprised that our experience has been somewhat different.  My boy has never been one to fit the typical mold.

My boy has always been mature for his age.  In fact, I heard the same thing from his middle school teachers that I had heard from his preschool teachers...  That he is wise beyond his years, understands very grown-up concepts, is unusually comfortable around adults, can communicate on an adult level, and has a greater awareness of what's going on in the world than some people twice his age.  

I attribute this in part to the way my boy is genetically wired.  But more than that, I think that his life as an only child has afforded him more opportunities to spend time with our adult friends. 

Now that his body is starting to morph into its adult form, things are becoming a wee bit more complicated.  My boy literally towers over me at 5' 7" and is within a mere four inches of matching the hubby's height.  These physical changes combined with his ability to think and reason like an adult sometimes cause him to forget that he is still just an eleven-year-old boy. 

He simply wants to stretch his wings... to push the limits... to see what he can achieve on his own.  The only problem is that sometimes his ideas and desires are in direct conflict with those of his parents.  It is in those moments that the growing pains rear their ugly heads. 

I know that this season will pass.  For now, we are riding the wave of adolescence which is at times thrilling and exciting.  Other times is feels more like we are being smashed against the rocky shore.  I just keep reminding myself that however painful things are for me, this process is much tougher on my sweet boy.  It is like a rebirth of sorts.

When all of this is over, I will no longer have a little boy to call my son.  He will be a man, and a good one at that.  I look forward to the day when I finally get to meet him.  


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Heather said... Best Blogger Tips

A beautiful post. Yep, middle school has a lot of ups and downs to manage. It can keep your head spinning. You're a good mom. He is lucky to have you.

nana said... Best Blogger Tips

So many changes yet to come...
He's growing too quickly!

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