Thrift Store Finds - Real Men

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This latest thrift store find is courtesy of my hubby.  He spied the Real Men on a shelf at our local Goodwill  for $2.99 and couldn't resist bringing it home.  I have to tell you, the fellows and I have been enjoying some good 1980's fun as a result. 

© shoutingforha
Real Men action figures are basically a doll body that has holes where the legs should be.  You simply slip your fingers into the holes, put the shoes on your fingertips and let the sporty fun begin.  As the box says, "The action's in your hands!"

© shoutingforha
My favorite thing about the Real Men is the way the "thigh" looks.  The snazzy soccer outfit and shoes were just a tad tight on my hubby's fingers making the thigh area bulge even more.  The mid-calf fat roll isn't half bad either.

© shoutingforha
The boy found a commercial for Real Men on YouTube.  The video made scoring goals look so easy but it proved to be a little more tricky.  Apparently, fingers aren't intended to function like actual legs.

Despite the fact that we are completely inept in the art of finger soccer playing, we've had a great time goofing off with the Real Men.  The laughter that has filled our house has been well worth the $2.99 price tag. 

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