What's In My Bag?

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Today you are going to get a peek at exactly what is in my bag.  I first saw this idea on Flickr ages ago, but am just now getting around to joining in.  My current bag is a lovely chartreuse purse that my hubby gave me for Christmas.  He is an incredibly good gift-giver and knew I would never buy this for myself.  

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And here is the contents of my bag.  For the most part, it stays pretty clean.  Occasionally, it will get cluttered with a few receipts that I neglect to put in my wallet, gum wrappers or other miscellaneous junk.

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Now for the contents...  I carry my wallet, my iPhone 4s, and my Apple earbuds (with mic) for yapping on the phone while I drive.  I try to keep them in the case so that I don't lose the little end pieces.   Let's not forget my car keys with a drum key hanging off the key chain.  We drummer moms have to be prepared. 

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My son always seems to be wounding himself (or picking at one of his many scabs) so I like to carry an assortment of band-aids and alcohol wipes.  A travel-sized bottle of generic Tylenol and Advil are a must in case I am stricken with a headache or my boy starts whining about growing pains.  I also found a few cough drops hiding in one of the pockets.

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People who know me well are acquainted with my chapstick obsession.  I can hardly function without a coating of Burt's Bees on my lips.  I'm not kidding.  I also carry a tube of lip gloss.  I picked this one up at Sephora but the label is gone so I'm not sure what color it is. 

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I almost always have a pack of gum or mints in my bag in case I develop a case of bad breath.  It's one of the things that makes me such a thoughtful friend.  Today I happen to have a box of curiously strong mints.  There was also a pack of Kleenex and some flossers (my boy's prefer these over traditional floss) that were held together with a tiny rubber band. 

© shoutingforha
Last but not least is a chopsticks cheater in case my boy has a craving for sushi and a glasses cleaning cloth.  I also carry a plastic container of ear plugs because you never know when you might suddenly find yourself listening to loud music. 

What about you, dear readers?  Tell me what interesting things are in your bag.

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helen said... Best Blogger Tips

what are chopstick cheaters?

shoutingforha said... Best Blogger Tips

@helen Chopstick cheaters hold chopsticks in the right position so that you can eat with them even if you don't know how to hold them properly.

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