Life and Peaches

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As I was strolling through the produce section of my local grocery store, I noticed a small basket of peaches. I could smell their sweet aroma as I walked by and decided against my better judgement to bring a few home to try.

I knew that the best peaches wouldn't arrive until June or July after they have had time to plump and ripen in the hot summer sun. There was a strong possibility that the fruit I was purchasing would be sour and tasteless. To my delight, these spring peaches were delicious.

This got me thinking about how life is an awful lot like those peaches. I could appreciate the sweetness of that peach because I have tasted the bitterness of a bad piece of fruit. Likewise, I have found that seasons of joy are so much brighter after having walked through hardship or sorrow.

It is not unlike childbirth. Excruciating pain always precedes the arrival of the most wonderful and celebrated gift; the birth of a child. It has been that way for centuries. Why should I expect anything less from life?

Like most of you, I long to find that perfect peach... The moments of bliss that make the memories of hardship fade into black. It's what keeps me reaching into the proverbial fruit bowl time and time again.


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Lady Jennie said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi - visiting from Heather's.

It's true. Life is so so sweet when you've tasted sorrow. It's easy for me to find gratitude, but I can lose the sweetness in the routine.

gretchen from lifenut said... Best Blogger Tips

This is lovely.

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