Random Thoughts On A Thursday, vol. 8

Well, hello strangers!  How have you been? 

Since I can't seem to write a complete blog post these days, I thought I would throw together a list of random happenings.  Here goes...

1.  My boy continues to grow like a weed or beanstalk or other fast growing plant.  His size 13 shoes look more like sailing vessels than footwear.  And while it's no news that he has been towering over me for years, the child is a mere three inches away from equaling his father's height of 5' 11".

The boy has also lost five teeth in the past two months and has another two or three that are loose.  I guess his baby teeth are finally sick and tired of hanging out inside his adult-sized mouth.

No matter how many times I beg and plead the boy refuses to quit growing.  He's stubborn like that.   
2.  As of Tuesday, we are officially enjoying summer vacation.  It is hard to believe that when school kicks in this fall that I will have a seventh grader.  How has this happened?

My boy is excited to spend his days swimming, playing in the creek, fishing, biking, hiking and doing a zillion other outdoor activities.  I am looking forward to all of the sweating in my future.  With temperatures already in the 90's and the humidity sky-high it promises to be a rather hot summer.  

At least I get to sleep in.

3.   My dear hubby decided to upgrade the operating system on my MacBook to Mountain Lion.  Roar!  Apparently, I was still running on Calico Cat... or was it Bengal Tiger...  At any rate, I am now utilizing the most cutting edge technology available to man.

As luck would have it, Mountain Lion decided to eat all 12,400 photographs that were stored in iPhoto.  It was a very hungry kitty.  As tragic as this sounds, do not despair.  I have been faithful to back up my computer like all good girls should and my photographs are safely stored on my hard drive.  

Restoring them is another story as it appears to be a rather involved process.  Thankfully I have more than enough spare time to figure it out.  

Once everything is back in it's proper place you can expect to see quite a bit more of me around here.  I have a backlog of posts that are just waiting for their proper pictures.  Bear with me.    

4.  My boy will be attending The BGA JAM next month.  This will be his fourth year.  The boy is especially excited because one of his friends from school will also be attending the JAM.  I'm sure they will have a grand time goofing off during lunch.

In the past, the boy has selected the genre of music for each of his bands.  This year, however,  he has decided to leave that choice up to the JAM's director.  I am excited to see where he ends up.

What's new in your world, dear readers?  Tell me something exciting.

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Futsak said... Best Blogger Tips

You may want to reconsider your statement in #3 about the most advanced technology known to man, given the problematic upgrade. May be room for improvement there. Just saying....

helen said... Best Blogger Tips

Busy times for the Ha family.
Happy to hear Jam camp is on again. If you tell me the dates I will try to get there, like last year.
I agree with you, this growing up has got to stop. lol
Talk soon, luv me.

Gretchen from lifenut said... Best Blogger Tips

SO GLAD you backed up your photos! Smart lady. And I lol'd at your names for prior OS. I think I'm running mewling kitten on my Mac.

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