As Heard Last Night, vol. 19...

As my boy has grown older, the number of nutty things he says has greatly diminished.  I'm beginning to think that there really might be a correlation between age and wisdom.  Go figure.

Just when I start to feel a little sad that I may never hear another crazy utterance from my boy's lips, he proves me wrong.  He knows exactly what this mom needs.  

I hope you enjoy this gem from last night...

The boy:  Hey mom, I was thinking about athlete's foot and swimmers ear.  What other things like that can you get?
Me:  Well, what about tennis elbow or skier's thumb?
The boy:  Yeah!  How about preacher's knee?  Or maybe baker's lung!  Inhaling all that flour could be dangerous.

I didn't get to suggest any other activity-specific injuries because I had collapsed onto the sofa in a fit of laughter.  While I think breathing in too much flour could be a legitimate hazard of baking, I would have never considered kneeling to be problematic for men of the cloth.  

Let this be a lesson to all you preachers out there.  You should think twice before kneeling to pray.  I hear that preacher's knee is incredibly painful and, as far as I know, there is no cure. 

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