Brick the Wonder Dog

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It has been a while since I've written a post about our beloved dog, Brick.  The crazy beast is still alive and kicking and fills our home with joy and copious amounts of dog hair on a daily basis.  

Brick can usually be found laying at my feet or somewhere nearby.  The adorable expression on his face above is the one he gives anytime I acknowledge his hovering presence.  I'm a sucker for his sweet face and crooked-toothed smile.  

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These days, Brick's favorite pastime is sleeping.  He's always been a lazy old soul, but with every passing year his love of napping grows.  I guess that's pretty normal for a fella in his mid 50's (in human years that is).  

I can't wait until I am old enough to sleep all day without being deemed lazy.  Oh, to live the leisurely life of an aging dog.

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During his waking hours, Brick loves to chew on his leg.  His compulsion to lick his paws became a thing of the past the moment he discovered that dog shins are much more delicious.  The annoying noise of his licking has been replaced with the sound of his teeth clicking together as he nibbles away.  

Thankfully that's not irritating at all.  

Brick also enjoys shedding (notice the loose hairs all over his face).  He is losing so much hair that I am beginning to wonder if his skin has unilaterally decided to reject his fur.  No amount of vacuuming has been able to keep my home dog hair-free.  The beast is lucky I love him so much.  A lesser dog would have been banished outdoors long ago.

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Speaking of the great outdoors, Brick has developed a new neurotic tendency.  For some reason he now requires the human letting him outside to be standing to his right.  If someone dares to approach from the left, Brick will leap back and refuse to cross the threshold.

To make things easier on us, Brick likes to stand as far to the right side of the door as possible.  If his goal is to make us perform acrobatic feats in order to reach the door handle, then his plan is working. 

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The hubby has managed to teach his old dog one new trick.  Through positive reinforcement (treats and affection) he has trained Brick to bark incessantly at strangers.  The hubby is quite proud of this accomplishment. 

Friends and neighbors can pop by virtually unnoticed.  If Brick decides to acknowledge their presence the only real danger is the likelihood of being soaked by his giant licking tongue.  

Who's in the mood for a kiss?  Anyone?

Brick has an uncanny ability to sense when a stranger is in the neighborhood.  He races from a far corner of the house, situates his giant blockhead in the middle of the big front window and releases his big bark.  He can be quite intimidating.

© shoutingforha
Brick's graying face has earned him the nickname "Grandpa."  With his eighth birthday coming up in less than a month, the old fellow is definitely beginning to show his age.  He is moving a little slower and sometimes we worry that his hips are starting to get a little achy.  

I don't like to think about Brick getting old.  If I had my way, he would be part of our family forever.

Brick has been the most wonderful addition to our family.  I am so thankful that my hubby decided to bring home that cute little puppy all those years ago.  We cannot imagine our lives without him.      

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mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

Love all the pictures!! Talking about Brick getting old reminds me that Vandy (whom we still call puppy and our baby) is turning 8 in a month!! :( I want her to stay a "puppy" forever!!

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