Lordy, Lordy...

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I'm looking mighty fine in my cardigan, plaid pants and my dad's boots.
I would like to wish my twinner a very happy 40th birthday today. Happy Birthday!

Allow me to take this opportunity to point out that my sister is really getting old. Forty is practically middle aged.  I bet she might even have a few gray hairs trying to sneak their way onto her head.  She's old, I tell you.

Just kidding, sis.  I can't think of anyone that I would rather cross this milestone with than you.  And if you should start feeling a little advanced in years, just remember that I will always be a solid thirty-one minutes older than you.  I bet you're feeling younger already. 

Love you bunches!

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kathleen said... Best Blogger Tips

You sure did cut a very fashionable figure in your stylish outfit. I especially like the boots. Don't know why kids always like wearing their dad's big, clunky shoes but it sure is cute. Hope you, and your much younger sister, had a fabulous day. 40 is just getting started. I should know! Love from your really ancient mother :)

gretchen said... Best Blogger Tips

How in the heck did I miss this? For real.

A very happy belated birthday to you-ooooo. 40 is awesome! And June is awesome!

And so are you. I hope you are still celebrating.

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