A Tale of A Dog, A Tendon and A Middle Finger

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Hello, strangers!  I figured I better post something on this old chunk of internet real estate before my blogging license is revoked for inactivity.  So, how have you been?  I hope things have been going splendidly in your neck of the woods.

Today I would like to you the tale of how I ruptured the tendon in my middle finger.

About a month ago, the hubby and I did a complete redo of the boy's room (new paint, new furniture, new everything).  It was quite an undertaking but well worth the effort.  I promise to post some pictures soon.

© shoutingforha
The main reason for the renovation was because my almost 5' 10" child found it difficult to get in and out of his loft bed.  I cannot imagine why.  With the new, lower bed in place (IKEA), I decided that I was going to give my boy something that he had never had before...  a top sheet and a blanket (see the picture above).  

While making the bed is my boy's duty, I have been helping him out these first few weeks of school.  Those early mornings are brutal and the boy is having a hard time mastering the art of a perfect hospital corner.  

When I went in to make the bed on Tuesday, I found old Brick fast asleep on the boy's plush shag carpet.  When I grabbed the duvet, I inadvertently startled the beast.  He sprung from the floor and planted his foot firmly on the edge of the cover at the exact moment that I was pulling it upwards.  I felt an electric tingle in my right middle finger and immediately knew something was wrong.  When I dropped the cover and held my hand parallel with the floor the tip of my finger hung limply towards the floor. 

I knew from my boy's past experience exactly what was wrong.  After shouting a few choice curse words and crying to my hubby that "it wasn't a convenient time for me to be injured" (we are having our kitchen remodeled), I called the doctor.  By some insane stroke of luck there was an available appointment in ninety minutes.  

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Walking into my appointment, I assumed that I would be having hand surgery to repair the tendon and insert a pin, just like my boy.  Fortunately, my x-ray revealed that the bone where the tendon attaches was still intact (see the picture above).  Apparently most tendon injuries also chip the boneI was sentenced to six weeks in the beautiful finger brace you can see in the picture at the top.  

I had at least six different people tell me that I CAN NEVER LET MY FINGER BEND AT ANY POINT DURING THESE SIX WEEKS.  NEVER.  EVER.  NOT FOR ANY REASON.  EVER.  EEVVEERR. If the joint were to bend, the entire healing process would start all over again.  Thankfully, the brace holds my finger very securely and is almost impossible to remove without undoing the velcro.  

With any luck my finger will be healed around the same time that my kitchen is completed.  At least that's what I keep telling myself. 

At my hubby's insistence I am trying to take it easy, which is especially hard considering all of the things going on at my house right now.  My main goal is to keep the stupid brace dry by wearing gloves anytime my hand might come in contact with water.  I figure the less I have to take it off the better.

On a positive note, having an immobilized middle digit isn't too much of a hardship.  I can still do most tasks with ease, although I have been surprised by thing things that have tripped me up.  For instance, I can get dressed and use the bathroom with no problems but ask me to sprinkle a little Kosher salt on a piece of meat and I am suddenly incompetent.  Need something mince, carved or diced? No problem! Spreading butter on a piece of toast, on the other hand, is a comical endeavor.  

Thank goodness I am the least ambidextrous person on earth, which makes things so much easier.  I go back for a check-up in three weeks and I'll give you a full report of my progress.

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helen said... Best Blogger Tips

ouch! pain/inconvenience surrounding injury.
ahhh! redecorated bedroom looks good.
OOOOO! kitchen project; can't wait to see/hear about the changes.
hang in there; love to all!

Coleman Lindner said... Best Blogger Tips

That’s gotta hurt. I personally never had a physical dislocation or fracture of any kind so I can only imagine the pain. But it’s a good thing that your doctor was available and quick to remedy the problem. I hope you’re more careful next time you have a renovation project, and I can see the kitchen job is doing great! Keep it up!

Coleman Lindner @ US Health Works

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