The Quiet Book - Made For An Elmo Loving Little Girl

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I have been busy the past few weeks making another quiet book.  This one was for my adorable niece Charlotte, a.k.a. Chachie.  How cute is that?!

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This time I decided to replace the usual grommets with a simple whip-stitched hole.  I find that the grommets are difficult to install and they are quite costly.

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I stitched the pages together and then used a good old-fashioned paper punch to make the holes.  I was surprised by how easily the paper punch handled the two plies of felt.

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I used embroidery floss and a whip stitch to reinforce the holes.  I really like how it looks and am thinking of ditching the grommets permanently.  What do you think?

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This quiet book has all the standard pages.  

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This was the first time that I used matching buttons for all of the train wheels.  I think it makes them pop.  

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The barn is one of my favorite pages.  

© shoutingforha
I found some cute new animal fabrics to use inside the barn. I especially like the horses and the squirrel with the acorn.  

© shoutingforha
I tried to use girly colors throughout the book.  I found the belt at my local Goodwill for $0.99.  Score!

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One of Chachie's greatest loves is Elmo.  She likes to watch Elmo on television, talks about him constantly and even dressed up like the furry red monster for Halloween.  I decided to create an Elmo page specifically for Chachie's book.

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Elmo's nose, mouth and the letters E-L-M-O are attached with velcro.  Hopefully Chachie will enjoy making Elmo's expression change from happy to sad.

© shoutingforha
I tucked a picture of the cutie inside the tent just like in my other books.

© shoutingforha
All of the removable pieces are attached to the book with velcro.  I always make sure that I put the soft side of the velcro on the pieces and the rough side on the pages.  

© shoutingforha
I decided to forgo the use of grommets on the shoe as well.  I think that the reinforced holes will be just as sturdy.

© shoutingforha
I really hope that Chachie enjoys her Quiet Book.  I have a feeling that it will come in handy when her new baby sister makes an appearance in May.  

Here's a supply list for those who are interested:

11 white felt sheets 
4 red felt sheets
5 pale blue felt sheets
2 lime green felt sheets
1 lavender felt sheet
1 orange felt sheet
2 yellow felt sheets
1 black felt sheet
2 navy blue felt sheets
1 pale pink felt sheet
1 medium pink felt sheet 
1 bright pink felt sheet
1 bright blue felt sheet
1 cream felt sheet
1 bright purple felt sheet
1 dark purple felt sheet 
1 turquoise felt sheet
1 gray felt sheet
1 dark green felt sheet
1 army green felt sheet
misc. scraps of animal print fabric
4 1/2 feet of ribbon in a complimentary color
1 pkg. soft velcro
11 buttons 
1 shoe lace
1 belt 
3 snaps
1 short zipper
thread in a variety of colors
white and black embroidery floss
fabric paint in a variety of colors

To check out the other Quiet Books I've made click here.  

*** Feel free to use my design to make a quiet book for someone that you love. That said, I request that you refrain from using my design to create products for sale. Thanks!

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kathleen said... Best Blogger Tips

I love how you always personalize things for your special little recipients. This one is especially lovely. I know Chachey will enjoy it for many years. Excited to hear that the new baby is a girl. They must be really excited!

helen said... Best Blogger Tips

what a creative gift!
what a loving aunt!

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