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My hubby mistakenly left his car windows and sunroof open the other night. As luck would have it, old man weather brought a heavy downpour while we were sleeping. He awoke to find that his car had been filled with a series of ponds.

His first plan of attack was to take every "old" towel from the linen closet and blot up as much of the water as possible. While this got rid of the standing water, the car was still soaked and I was left with an enormous pile of sour smelling towels. He decided to venture off to the store to see if a better solution would present itself.

While at the store, a strange woman decided to offer some friendly advise. At her urging, the hubby purchased a large bag of "good smelling" and super absorbent cat litter. He spread the litter in a nice even layer on the floorboards of his car and left the doors and windows open for ventilation.

As evening fell, his extremely intelligent wife suggested that he roll the windows up so that they were just cracked. Did the hubby listen? Of course not.

I am sad to say that my hubby awoke to a horrible site this morning. At some point during the night, the neighborhood cat, a.k.a. "Supercat," decided to test out the nice new litter box in the hubby's car. Thankfully, Supercat had only been drinking and the clumping action of the cat littler kept his deposit from seeping into the carpet. Apparently he was unable to capture one of the birds or bunnies that he stalks in the backyard. I guess it could have been worse...

This story serves to further validate my opinion that cats are evil. Evil. I have issues with cats... but that is for another post.

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J. Curtis said... Best Blogger Tips

Cats are evil?

After all the water, the towels and the kitty litter...the failed attempts at drying out the car, that's the best you could muster?

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