As you may recall, I recently purchased the Cadillac of dog waterers for our dog Brick. I kept hoping that our neurotic dog would be able to overcome his extreme aversion to said waterer. Unfortunately, I finally had to surrender and wave the white flag in defeat.

When Brick barked at and wouldn't go near the new waterer, did I give up? No. I simply channeled Ceser Milan (a.k.a. the Dog Whisperer) and made the dog lie down in a "calm, submissive state" next to the waterer. Meanwhile, I scooped cups of water out of the bowl forcing him to endure the dreaded blurbing sound while maintaining his composure.

Did I quit when Brick came inside with raw lips (yes, literally raw) as a result of trying to lap up every drop of moisture off the patio from a 3 minute rainshower? No. I mocked his creepy Frenchman like stash and told him to "go get a drink."

I wasn't even deterred when the dog started drinking from my cup one night as I watched Olympic swimming. I simply got up and poured myself a fresh beverage.

What, might you ask, would drive this self-proclaimed cheapskate to fork out more money on yet another waterer? Sleep, dear readers. I had to sleep.

As the weeks have worn on, Brick had become more and more restless. Instead of sleeping at night, he would roam around the house whimpering for a drink. Strangely, the thought of drinking from the toilet never crossed his mind. It got to the point that neither the hubby or I could take it anymore.

The next day, I headed to PetSmart to find a new, old waterer. It had been several years since my orignial purchase so I was a little concerned that I wouldn't be able to find a waterer that the Beast would actually use. Much to my delight, they had just what I was looking for.

As luck would have it the old waterer has been redesigned. It looks nearly identical to our original, yet it doesn't seem to be as noisy. Brick took no time getting reaquainted with his old friend. He has been happily lapping away ever since.

Apparently you can't teach young dogs new tricks either.

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