Pepper Gets in Your Eyes

The boy went to a birthday party for one of his best little buddies today leaving the hubby and I with an empty nest. We decided to take advantage of the child-free time and go out for dinner.

Our favorite sushi place was closed, so we hoofed it around the corner to South Street. We took our seats in the open-air restaurant and enjoyed the cool breeze while we ate our food. It was a welcome change to the still sweltering heat that we have been enduring this week. The meal, by the way, was delicious.

As we were waiting for our check, I suddenly had the sensation that my eyes were being burned by something hot and spicy. After rubbing my eyes and blinking wildly, I began to look around. It was then that I noticed the culprit.

The inebriated man seated behind the hubby had decided that he needed to dump his entire shaker of pepper into the breeze. He was holding the overturned and now empty shaker into the wind. Moron.

My eyes burned for over 30 minutes.

I guess that's what I get for trying to enjoy a nice meal out without the boy.

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Aunt LoLo said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh dear....really? I mean, inebriated men in outdoor restaurants are REALLY that stupid? I'm not saying that, were I going to dump an entire pepper shaker out, I would check for a breeze first.

All I'm sayin' is...no person over the age of 3 OUGHT to decide to dump an entire pepper shaker out.


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