Storing Onions

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I recently wrote a post proclaiming my love for Vidalia Onions. They are so sweet and delicious... perfect in nearly any recipe.

As I was strolling around my local Costco, I noticed a monstrous, I'm cooking for an army sized bag of my favorite onion. Imagine my excitement. I immediately heaved the bag into my cart and headed to the checkout.

On the drive home, my mouth was watering thinking about cooking up a nice batch of caramelized onions. It was then that I asked myself the obvious question... What was I going to do with 15 pounds of Vidalia onions? Where would I put them?

I remembered hearing someone tell me that when onions touch they rot. By suspending them, I could prolong their life almost indefinitely. The answer to my problem was pantyhose.

Once I got home, I ran to my dresser and pulled out an old pair torture devices, I mean pantyhose. I cut the two legs apart and dropped an onion into one of the legs. I pushed it down into the toe of the stocking and tied a knot directly above the onion. I then dropped another onion into the leg, pushed it down to the bottom, and tied another knot. I repeated the process until both legs were full of onions.

© shoutingforha

I hung them on a hook in my pantry where they have remained for several weeks. Whenever I need an onion, I simply grab a pair of scissors and cut the bottom onion off just below the knot.

© shoutingforha
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Baby Tunnel Exodus said... Best Blogger Tips

How great is that?? Terrific tip! Blessings, Whitney

Chelle said... Best Blogger Tips

You are a freakin' genius.

Andy is out of town Sun-Wed, can you come play?

Happy Mommy said... Best Blogger Tips

That is a great idea! I had never heard if they touch they rot, but they do... So I am totally doing this!

Lynn said... Best Blogger Tips

This is a great idea. I am going to try this.

flowerpot said... Best Blogger Tips

Girlfriend, that rocks. I'm so going to try this.

a Tonggu Momma said... Best Blogger Tips

You. Are. Brilliant.

Raise Them Up said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow! Do you know how many bags of onions I've had to throw away because they rotted before I could use them?? Thanks SO much for sharing this tip. If nothing else, I'll lay them all over my house!

Audra Krell said... Best Blogger Tips

This is a really great tip! I love vidalia onions too. Now if only I had some panty hose....but I'm pretty sure they don't even make them here in hot AZ.

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