Tummy Trouble

The boy is home sick today. Poor little guy. He was hit with a case of the stomach funk yesterday so I decided to keep him home, just in case.

All the excitement started after we had lunch with some friends. On the way home, we decided to stop by one of our favorite stores, The Great Escape.
The boy had a few dollars burning a hole in his pocket thanks to Nana's recent visit. This shop is by far the best place in Nashville to buy used video games and Star Wars ships or action figures.

After a little deliberation, the boy settled on the Deluxe Boba Fett action figure with the Wingblast Rocketpack and Overhead Canon with Firing Missile. Just saying the name makes me exhausted. The minute he was seated in the car, the boy tore open the package to examine his new purchase. Much to his delight, the toy was better than he expected. It was six dollars well spent.

Minutes from home, he suddenly felt sick. The little guy didn't say anything until after the first wave hit. He simply said, "I just threw up." When I turned, I noticed that he had let loose right into the freshly opened package still holding his new toy.

Poor Boba's chest was burried underneath the partly digested remains of lunch. Two more waves hit before we finally reached the house. Boba Fett was immediately rushed off to enjoy a nice long bath in scalding hot water and insane amounts of soap.

The boy spent the remainder of the day lying on the sofa. I always hate it when the little guy is sick, but I have to admit that I enjoy getting to spend an extra day with him at home. I love that boy.

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