The Chatterbox

I spent about 2 hours on the phone chatting with my niece yesterday. Well, the truth be told, I hardly said a word. My three-year-old niece did all of the talking.

I had the pleasure of hearing countless renditions of Mary Had a Little Lamb, Old McDonald Had a Farm and Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. Each time she sang a song it had a slight variation to the lyrics. My sides ached from laughing.

A highlight was when my niece told me her Christmas list. Her top request was that I have "real water" hooked up to her toy kitchen. "Then I can wash my own dishes," she said. Somehow, I don't think her Mom and Dad would be too happy with the gift of bedroom plumbing. There are some things that even Santa can't deliver.

After we hung up, I thought that it was the end of our conversation. Imagine my surprise when my niece called me to tell me goodnight, count to thirteen, remind me that her favorite color is green, and tell me how she and her little buddy decided to sneak a few crackers from the cabinet when Mommy wasn't looking. She is so funny!

Being an Aunt is the best! I can hardly wait for her next call.

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