Rock Band

Saturday is a special day here at the Ha house. So special, in fact, that the boy has been counting down the days since last weekend. Why you might ask? Two words... Rock Band.

The boy had been on a one-man Rock Band campaign over the past year. Every few days, he would come up with a new reason why we needed to buy the video game. When all his attempts failed, he resorted to describing what a wonderful time we could have playing as a family.

We gently informed the boy that we would not be making the purchase. That he just had a birthday last month... that we are still nine months away from Christmas... that we were not going to spend hundreds of dollars just because he really wanted the game.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. While wandering around in Target, the hubby found an insanely good deal (almost 50% off) on Rock Band. After much deliberation, the hubby decided to go ahead and impulsively make the purchase.

Let's just say that the Easter bunny was really good to the boy this year. We have already told him that this is a one-time thing. He knows that the bunny will not be nearly as generous in the coming years.

To be honest, the hubby and I were opposed to purchasing Rock Band. We were concerned that the silly video game might take the place of the boy's real drum kit. We also didn't want the boy to spend hour after hour mindlessly staring at the television.

Our solution was to ban Rock Band during the week and on Sunday. We decided to limit his play time on Saturday to two hours. To our surprised, he happily agreed.

The only exception to the rule will be the occasional nights when the hubby and I go out, leaving the boy at home with a sitter. We told him that as long as his attitude is good and his homework is complete, he will be granted special permission to play the game.

Maybe this is why they boy keeps suggesting that the hubby and I go out on a date.

I wish you could watch my boy play. The child jumps around like he is performing before a crowd of 80,000 of his biggest fans. He spins, bangs his head and writhes around on the floor. It is really something to behold.

I have never been a huge fan of video games, but must admit that I really enjoy playing Rock Band. The only problem is that I forget to blink my eyes. My eyes get dry, thus cementing my contacts to my eyeballs, making it nearly impossible for me to see. After about twenty minutes, I find myself blinking wildly in an effort to improve my vision.

If you excuse me now, I am off to go jam with the boy. He has already informed me that we will be opening our concert with an exciting rendition of Run to the Hills. This promises to be quite entertaining.

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Thomas McKenzie said... Best Blogger Tips

We are guitar hero folks ourselves, but never mind. So much fun with the kids. Now if only I could sanitize some of the lyrics.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

This sounds like it might be quite the musical extravaganza...an audio adventure to behold.
Look forward to attending a concert, delighting at this
"talen-in-the-rough" and experiencing the excitement.
Rock on!!!

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