The Bird's Nest... Part 5

© shoutingforha
We decided to ruin a perfectly good Sunday, here at the Ha house, by doing a little yard work. I'm just joking. It really wasn't that bad. The day was only partly ruined.

As the hubby and I were finishing up our mowing and weeding, the boy decided to check out the bird's nest on our back porch light. He immediately noticed a tiny
beak peeking over the edge of the nest. I ran inside to grab my camera.

© shoutingforha

To our delight, all three baby robins appear to be thriving. Their tiny bodies are have started spouting random feathers, giving them a slightly prehistoric appearance. They have even begun to open their eyes.

The boy expressed some concern about the babies tragically falling from the nest. I certainly hope that never happens. I don't know who would be more traumatized, the boy or me.

With any luck the little robins will make it to their first flights unscathed.

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mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

Very cute pictures! You are brave to venture up there!!

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