Number Six

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The boy has finally lost tooth number six. Unfortunately the Tooth Fairy was sidetracked by all of the end of the school year craziness and forgot to make a visit. To her surprise and delight, the boy didn't even notice.

Maybe she will leave something extra special for tooth number seven.

Is it just me, or are the boy's freckly cheeks just screaming for a good chewing? He is deliciously cute.

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mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

Ahhhh...so, we aren't the only family that the tooth fairy forgets to make a visit....that is good to know!
Though mine always seem to remember, so, then there is a lot of morning searching for the money that was "misplaced" until we some how find it...lol!
Aren't freckles great! Love them!

Heather said... Best Blogger Tips

The Tooth Fairy rarely shows up within a week at my house! (:

On an unrelated note...I notice that you've listed Zookeeper's Wife on your What I'm Reading list. So you better get hopping on that!

kasandria said... Best Blogger Tips

Enjoyed reading your blog! The Tooth Fairy forgets sometimes lol :)

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