The Bird's Nest... The Final Post

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It's official. The baby robins have flown the coop, or nest as it were. They have abandoned their perch on our back porch in search of a new, more suitable home.

I am not sure where the robin family is living, although I have seen them in the yard on numerous occasions. It hasn't been difficult to spot the three, awkward, teenage birds milling around under the watchful supervision of their mother.

Thanks to the rather imposing presence of the Beast, the robins are free to hang out in the yard as long as they would like. All of the neighborhood cats have learned to avoid the Ha house when prowling about in search of a tasty bird or bunny to eat.

As a result, my yard has turned into a veritable nature preserve. After I finished mowing this morning (thank the Lord for my riding mower), I counted no less than ten bunnies in my backyard. They like to snack on the wild strawberries that are trying to take over my lawn... but that's another story.

I wonder if the same family of robins will decide to nest at the Ha house next spring.

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mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow! They grew up fast!
Tell your bunnies to avoid our house! You know--we have the dog that will eat a bunny whole if it ventures into her dog area!!
We have one small bunny in our backyard and I keep telling it to NOT venture into Daisy's area where: yes, there are strawberries, but, also a huge dog that seems to like bunnies...raw!UGH!
Glad all the baby birds made it!!
Are you going to keep the nest or take it down?

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