To Press, Or Not To Press

Several weeks ago I shared with you my love of yard work. Today I would like to discuss my fondness for another mundane task... ironing.

Ironing is one of those chores that I try to avoid. If you walked into my laundry room, you would notice a giant laundry basket piled with various articles of clothing that need to be ironed. By piled, I mean in a mountainous sort-of way.

Every few weeks I devote a few hours one evening to the task of ironing. Do I enjoy it? No, but I press on anyways (pun intentional).

Many people have asked me, "Mrs. Ha, why don't you take your clothing to a dry cleaner? They can be found in nearly every strip mall across the country."

While I appreciate their efforts, I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to find a reputable establishment. All of the dry cleaners that I have used, and there are many, manage to burn the collars or melt off half the buttons. Worse yet, they attack the hubby's shirts with their dreaded shrink ray of death, rendering said shirts unwearable.

My local Goodwill has benefited greatly by my dry cleaner's hand. Oh, and yes, I do ask the cleaners to merely press his shirts, not launder them. It does no good. The shirts are always shrunken, burned and missing a few of their buttons.

I have also had numerous suggestions that I make the hubby iron his own shirts. While I have considered this possibility, I know that my hubby would most likely take his shirts to the dry cleaners before he attempted to iron them... the same dry cleaners that I have tried. Do you understand my dilemma?

If anyone lives in the Nashville area and would like to recommend a top notch cleaner, I would greatly appreciate it. Be forewarned dear readers, I have tried establishments in Green Hills, Belle Meade, Brentwood and Franklin, all with no luck.

On a good note, I recently found a new product that has improved the finished look of my home-ironed clothes... Faultless Premium Starch. I picked it up on a whim after reading that it wouldn't flake like traditional starch.

The label didn't lie. For once, my dark colored clothing didn't look as if it had been worn by someone with such severe dandruff that it required a physician's intervention. The hubby, I'm sure, is delighted.

At least there's something to celebrate.

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Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I wouldn't press them. I would either wear them wrinkled or throw them away and buy new ones. You know this is true.

mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

I vote NOT to press. Sorry, we neither take our clothes to the dry cleaners or really iron them. My hubby resorted to Iron-free shirts...which still wrinkle some. Oh well. And you know with my jobs, I only wear indestructible clothes that allow babies to mess them all up! So, I agree with Anonymous....wear them wrinkled!
:0) Every once in a LONG while, I'll iron a few of my hubby's shirts, but, other times there is a pile when my mother-in-law comes to visit...I guess she LOVES to iron...of course...LOL!

AmyB said... Best Blogger Tips

Have you tried Delia's Cleaners in Cool Springs (strip mall in front of the Publix shopping center at Moore's Lane and Carothers)? They haven't ruined anything (yet). I've also noticed that the pricing in Nashville seems high--in Atlanta, they did shirts for $.99.

shoutingforha said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the suggestion, Amy. I will give them a try.

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