Greasy Stain Remover

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A certain member of the Ha family is fundamentally opposed to using a napkin. Try as I might, I cannot convince this person to stop wiping their hands on their shirt.

The result is greasy stains on virtually all of their clothing. As any Mom can attest, these stains are nearly impossible to remove. I will admit that I was becoming quite frustrated.

Enter my brilliant idea... dish soap.
© shoutingforha
Dish soap is specifically designed to cut grease. Watch any commercial for the stuff and you will hear a grease busting guarantee. Out of desperation, I decided to see if it would work on fabric as well.

The results were amazing.

Just squirt a little soap on the greasy stain and launder as usual. I keep a bottle of dish soap next to my washer so it is always within easy reach.
© shoutingforha
It works every time, even on old stains. Once I made this discovery, I was able to remove all of the stubborn grease stains from clothes that had been laundered several times before.

I won't bore you with a photograph of the stain-free garment. It looks exactly like you would expect... like new.


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mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

Hmmmm....that is good to know.

Futsak said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm considering telling you you're a dork over this post...:) But if you come over later and put your idea to the test on some old clothes, I'll pretend you're super cool!

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