Sleep, Wonderful Sleep

I hesitate to even write this post for fear that I will jinx myself, not that I believe in that sort-of thing. However, I had to share my good news.

For the past four days, my boy has slept in. Did you hear me? HE SLEPT IN... until 9:00-10:00. On Saturday, the little man even snoozed until 10:40.

I assure you that this has never happened before.

The boy has always been an early riser. As I have mentioned before, I am not a morning person. I desperately want to be, but am unable to give up my night owl ways. Needless to say, my boy's sleeping habits have been a struggle for me.

Over the past year, the boy started sleeping later during the week. I would practically have to drag him from the bed so he wouldn't be late for school. There were a few mornings that I actually had to pick the sleeping child up and deposit him at the breakfast table.

You would think this habit would carry over to the weekend. Unfortunately that was not the case. Every Saturday morning, the boy would rise at precisely the crack of stupid. He told me he was worried that the might miss out on something exciting if he stayed in bed. I assured him that nothing important happens before dawn.

School holidays, Christmas and summer vacation were no different. Instead of sleeping late, he would wake bright and early, ready to enjoy his school-free day. Little stinker.

I am hopeful that the boy's new sleeping trend will continue. For now I am simply delighted that I have the option to catch a few more winks if I so choose. I'm getting older and I need my beauty sleep.

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mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

My kids, too, have been sleeping in...but, we are all night owls...so the sleeping in part is good for all...but, me...I still have to get up at the crack of dawn to work...:0)

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