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I have tried for days, rather unsuccessfully, to snap a picture of the newest member of the Ha household. He is an illusive little fellow that seems to prefer doing his work at night while we humans are sleeping. His days are spent lurking in dark corners, trying to stay hidden.

Who am I talking about?

My boy's new algae devouring pet, Sludge, of course.

Despite our disastrous track record when it comes to keeping fish, I decided to tempt fate and add one new fish. In an effort to keep things honest around here, I will admit that my motives were not entirely pure. Sludge was purchased to fill the role of housekeeper.

My boy's fish tank is impossible to keep clean. I know it sounds ridiculous since there has only been one resident, our Black Skirt Tetra, Solo. Keeping with the tradition of all the males in the Ha family, Solo has proven to be a dirty little fish.

After several months of seemingly endless cleanings, I grew tired of my role as Cinderella the tank maid. Off I marched to the fish shop to purchase a Gold Nugget Placo. Within hours of his introduction into the tank, Sludge had been able to create what I had merely dreamed of... a spotless tank.

Now, if only Sludge could work his magic on the rest of my house...

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mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

Too cool! Tell your boy I love the hame!

the Provident Woman said... Best Blogger Tips

What a great name!

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