The Burglar Did It

It has come to our attention that the boy has been having a few organizational difficulties at school. Specifically, the child keeps losing his classwork prior to handing it in. Today he lost his language paper.

When his teacher, Dr. M., asked what happened, the boy hypothesized that "maybe someone stole it." At least he didn't blame it on the dog.

Not deterred, Dr. M. questioned whether it was really possible that someone would steal his work. The boy, who took the question literally, replied that it was indeed possible. His punishment for this troublesome line of thinking can be read below.

Why a burglar would not steal a language paper.
by, The Boy

1. If a burglar came into our classroom, he would not want to steal papers from children.
2. The burglar would also not steal a paper by digging through our *seat sacks.
3. Stealing a language paper is not worth going to jail for.
4. Somebody would have called the police before they could take a paper.
5. A burglar already knows how to do third grade work.

Seat sacks are little pouches that hang on the back of their chairs and provide additional storage space.

After my laughter subsided, I had a little chat with the boy about things being possible but not probable. I think he got the message.

This weekend promises to be quite exciting. The boy will be bringing home all of his folders so that he can devote himself to coming up with a brilliant plan to keep them all organized. There may be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Lucky for me, Dr. M. has forbidden any parents from assisting in said organizing. He has managed to convince the kids that the grownups will "mess it up."

Have I mentioned how much I love the boy's teacher?

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helen said... Best Blogger Tips

clever man, this Dr. M
smart mother, this Mrs. Ha
challenging youngster, this boy Ha

It's only October...one can only imagine what's to come?

kathleen said... Best Blogger Tips

My favorite is that the burglar already knows how to do third grade work. I laughed until I cried. What a unique and amusing child you have Mrs. Ha.

mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

That is just great! :0) I'm glad Dr. M keeps the parents out of it!

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