Like Mother, Like Son

We had some big news here at the Ha house this afternoon. The boy has been declared visually challenged. My faulty genes are to blame.

A few weeks ago, the boy started to complain that he was having trouble seeing the board at school. I immediately made an appointment with the eye doctor to get things checked out. Today was the big day.

After all of the tests, the doctor confirmed my suspicion... The boy is near sighted. The good news is that his vision is just slightly impaired. He should only need glasses on those occasions when he needs to read something from a distance.

The doctor told us that contact lenses are and also option. It appears that the one-day-wear contacts are ideal for the kiddos. They virtually eliminate any concerns about a child's ability to handle the day-in and day-out care of the lenses.

The jury is still out on if my boy will be getting contacts anytime soon. Our first goal was to find a pair of glasses.

Have you ever been glasses shopping with a feisty eight-year-old? Believe me when I tell you that it can be a trying experience. I think the boy assumed that he would walk into the store, a golden ray of sunlight would shine on the perfect pair, and that would be that.

After trying on approximately one hundred pairs, the boy finally found a cool pair of glasses. Within a week, my boy will be sporting a vibey pair of black Converse shades.

He looks adorable, if I do say so myself. A little bit nerdy, a little bit rock-n-roll. I'll post a picture when they finally arrive.

I will admit that when the doctor said that my boy needed glasses, I felt a tiny tinge of sadness. He is the spitting image of my hubby, in appearance and personality. The only difference is the hair.

I guess I was hoping that he would take after me in some way other than my defective vision. At least it's something. We could always start a four-eyes club. No hubbys allowed.

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Heather said... Best Blogger Tips

Can't wait to see his specs!

helen said... Best Blogger Tips

To see or not to see?
That is the question.
How exciting!
Am sure his selection of eye-wear is
indeed cool and he'll be happy.

mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

Lol! I, so far, am a solo participant in the 4 eyed club in our household, :0)

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