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Since the boy was about eighteen months old, the hubby has been taking him out for breakfast two or three Saturdays a month. It is one of the special Dad-son things that they do together. There are the occasional weeks that they are kind enough to grant me an invite, but for the most part, I try not to intrude in their "man time."

Their favorite breakfast spot is the Franklin Mercantile in Historic Downtown Franklin. The boy has been eating the same thing for years... A giant stack of blueberry pancakes with a side of extra crispy bacon and a glass of fruit tea. Over breakfast they laugh, crack jokes and talk about life.

When the boy was younger, they would finish the morning by enjoying a stroll through the quaint downtown area. It was part of their ritual. As the years have gone by, they have been forced to make a few changes.
For the boy, walking along the wall at the Historic Franklin Presbyterian Church lost it's luster as he grew in stature. Instead, the boys visit their favorite used CD store in search of Star Wars action figures, video games or DVDs.
A trip to the fire station has been replaced by a journey to Forks Drum Closet. Their stroll through downtown has morphed into a hike to Fort Granger and a walk across the railroad bridge that spans the Harpeth River.

I love the fact that my guys have found new ways to enjoy their time together. They have an incredibly strong bond. All boys should be so fortunate.
I have a feeling that this Saturday morning tradition will continue long after the boy is grown. It will no doubt be a ritual that the boy will establish when he has children of his own.

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nana said... Best Blogger Tips

Indeed a beautiful tradition.

Carry on Dad & Son Ha...

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