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Hello again, dear readers... all three of you that still remain. I apologize for the extended absence, but I found it quite difficult to carve out time for blogging with family in town.

Generally speaking, I am not a huge fan of the dreaded numbered post. I prefer to torture you by rambling incessantly about one topic at a time. That said, a list seems like the best way to get you caught up on the disjointed happenings here at the Ha house. Proceed at your own risk.

1) As I mentioned last week, my sister and her two daughters, Peanut (4 1/2) and Sweet Pea (1 1/2), decided to spend ten days in Tennessee. Over the course of their visit, it became clear that I had been calling Sweet Pea by the wrong name. While the tiny girl is indeed sweet, she will henceforth be called "Monkey" because of her great appetite for climbing.

2) Several weeks ago, I heard a hissing sound coming from my laundry room. I was washing yet another load of clothes and the machine was on the spin cycle. Further investigation revealed a small hole in the drain hose (the one that runs from the washer tub to the back of the machine). I did the only logical thing... ordered a new part and replaced it myself.

I am not ashamed to tell you that I am feeling quite handy. Maybe I should consider opening an appliance repair shop. Or not.

3) The hubby is sporting an attractive boot on his right foot; the result of a hair-line fracture halfway between his heel and pinkie toe. How, you might ask, did he break his foot? To be honest, he is not entirely sure. The most likely culprit seems to be a collision that the hubby had with a co-worker.

As the hubby tells it, he was walking briskly down one of the corridors at his office and crashed into a woman as she was trying to cut across the hall. Neither one was paying attention and the impact sent them both reeling. Fortunately, the hubby was able to catch the poor woman before she hit the ground. Who says chivalry is dead?

The man has to wear his lovely boot for a few more weeks. Until then, the boy and I will get to enjoy the sound of him hobbling around the house, one foot banging on the wood floors as if he were a pirate with a peg-leg. Shiver me timbers.

In what appears to be a modern-day miracle, I have finished all of my Christmas shopping with over a week to spare. I was feeling quite proud of myself until I realized that the only tape in the house is a large roll of Duct tape. While it may be one of the greatest adhesives ever invented, I am not sure that beautifully wrapped gifts dotted with gray strips of tape is the look that I am going for. I guess it's back to the store once again.

5) Santa has made an early visit to the Ha house bringing a ginormous television. Apparently the price was so low that it rendered the hubby powerless to resist. Darn you Best Buy and your electronic Kryptonite.

The hubby opted to give the giant screen a test drive to determine if a downsize was necessary. If the number of times I've heard him shout, "Can you believe how incredible the picture looks!" is any indication, I think the Ha family can start charging admission to their new home theater. I better get some more popcorn.

That concludes my rambling post for today. I am off to wake up my boy so that he can get ready for school. The remainder of my day will be spent running a few last-minute errands before Christmas vacation's official start at 12:00 tomorrow.

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mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

Glad to have you back!
I love the count down of your life lately.
I will remember to call you when I need something done around the house, as I am NOT handy!
You are lucky to be done with Christmas shopping, but, in my defense, I also had to shop for 3 bdays too. We are ALMOST done. Yay!
Sorry to hear about your husband--that is the pits, though I know my kids would love to hear the "pirate sound" around the house. :)
And no, that tv will NOT be going back to the store....lol!

Chelle said... Best Blogger Tips

I think you should have stuck with the duct tape. :)

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