One Chance

My boy will turn nine in less than a month. Nine. Not to sound like a cliche, but the years are going by at an alarming rate.

I have been struck lately, that barring some miraculous surprise, I only get one go at this whole mother thing. One newborn to snuggle against my chest... One tiny voice saying "Mama" for the first time... One opportunity to cheer on those first wobbly steps... One first day of Kindergarten...

One chance to watch my boy grow up to be a man.

Please don't interpret these words as a plea for your pity. Neither the hubby or I have any regrets or sadness about the size of our family. The opposite is true. We have blessed beyond measure by the birth of our only son. He is more than enough.

The thing that I have been pondering is this... Am I making the most of each and every moment that I have with my son?

It was easy when the boy was young and dependent on me for his every need. We spent countless hours together, just being. With the start of elementary school, things became more complicated. The two largest chunks of his day are spent at school and sleeping. There is simply less time to spend together, as a family.

I know time will become even more precious as the years continue to pass. School workloads will become greater, girls will eventually spark his attention, and Raging Thunder will most certainly not be his only musical exploit.

What is a mother to do?

This mother has decided to be deliberate about putting off some of the things that are necessary, sot that I can be fully present for the things that are important. Legos before laundry... Drumming before dishes... Bike rides before baking... You get the idea.

Time with my boy may not come in the quantities that I would ultimately like, but darn if I'm not going to make sure that every moment counts.

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kathleen said... Best Blogger Tips

Bravo Mrs. Ha!!! You are wise to recognize that some things can simply wait. I still can't believe how quickly you grew up and wish I had put more tasks off to just enjoy your presence. The boy is blessed beyond measure to have you for his mom!

helen said... Best Blogger Tips

Boy Ha is lucky to have you for his mother.
So loving, caring and giving.
Being a parent is a blessing so enjoy every moment.

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