The Food Pantry

Like many women, I am prone to over committing myself. I love to lend a hand, especially for a good cause. One opportunity leads to another, and before I know it, I hardly have time to breathe.

That, dear readers, is exactly where I found myself two years ago. I was exhausted and burned-out from all of my volunteering. It was not a pretty sight.

I politely unwound myself from the majority of my extracurricular activities in an effort to reclaim my life. The result has been wonderful. I feel rested, rejuvenated and ready to dip my toes back into the pool of volunteerism. I've just been waiting to find the right place.

On Sunday, as I was reading through the announcements in the church bulletin, I stumbled across something that peaked my interest. Our church is starting a Food Pantry that will serve a particularly low income area in Nashville. During our drive home, I sent an email to the contact person expressing my interest.

I met with the coordinator yesterday. After hearing the vision for the program, I was convinced that I had finally found my place to serve. My heart is practically bursting with excitement.

I don't know about you, but we are pretty frugal here at the Ha house. We live in a modest home, drive used cars and love shopping at Goodwill.
I cut coupons and watch for buy-one-get-one offers at our local grocery stores. We do these things, not out of necessity, but because we choose to.

The one thing we don't skimp on is food. Our home is usually well-stocked with a variety of healthy and tasty food... so much so that my neighbor will occasionally "shop" in my pantry to avoid a last-minute run to the grocery store.

Sadly, for many people, my life is not their reality. Countless children all across the country will go to school this morning with an empty stomach. The only meal they will eat today is the school lunch that they receive as part of the state's free meal plan.

It breaks my heart.

By contrast, my boy ate a hearty breakfast of French toast made on homemade bread, a fruit salad consisting of cantaloupe, strawberries and grapes, two slices of Benton's bacon and a large glass of milk. I packed him an equally tasty lunch and a snack to enjoy after PE. After school he will have another snack and then enjoy a hearty home-cooked dinner.

There has been a lot of talk in our country about our "basic human rights" as it relates to health care. I have no intentions of voicing my opinions or open up a debate on the subject. What I do believe is that every human is entitled to food. Three square meals a day.

People shouldn't have to choose between keeping the electricity turned on or buying food. As a parent, I cannot imagine looking into the face of my child and telling them I have nothing for them to eat. Or worse, listening to them cry themselves to sleep because their stomach is empty.

I feel so privileged to be able to participate in a program that will provide a consistent supply of food for those in need. In my mind, it is just the right thing to do.

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helen said... Best Blogger Tips

Actions of this nature comes easily to you.
I know you will give 110% toward this worthy cause.
Blessings, Mrs. Ha.

mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

That sounds wonderful!

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