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What better way to celebrate my suddenly abundant posting than with a rambling list? Enjoy!

1. As the hubby was flipping through the television channels one night, he paused on the Food Network. I can't for the life of me remember what show was playing. Anyway, someone made a mention of Boston Brown Bread and the hubby proclaimed, "I used to eat that when I was a kid. You should make some."

So I did.

I found this easy recipe and whipped up a batch in short order. The bread is baked in an empty coffee can that is covered with foil and partially submerged in a water bath. It makes the rather dense bread quite soft.

Never having tasted the Brown Bread myself, I didn't know what to expect. I was surprised to realize that it tastes just like Raisin Bran. Go figure.

I'm thinking about seeing how it would work as a base for french toast.

My boy is a giant. When I took him for his nine-year-old checkup, he weighed in at 84 pounds and was 4' 8.5" tall. For those of you keeping track, he's in the 92nd and 95th percentile respectively.

I, of course, was delighted to hear that I am still a whopping five inches taller than my boy. According to my highly scientific calculations, I estimate that I have about a year-and-a-half until the child surpasses my height.

3. Speaking of the boy, he is enjoying his first taste of the TCAP Achievement Test this week. He hasn't seemed to mind the testing and has proclaimed it "easy as cake." I clearly need to discuss the fine merits of pie with the child.

There are two things that have kept the boy in good spirits despite the hours of testing. Extra recess and an unending supply of gum.

When the students aren't filling in little round dots using their #2 pencils, they are allowed to run wild on the playground. The teachers go to extreme lengths to try and get rid of the wiggles.

The boy's teacher allows the children to chew gum during TCAP week. The boy is thrilled, but I'm not sure how his fellow classmates are handling it. My boy chews gum like he is a cow working on a tough batch of cud. It drives me crazy.

I'm just thankful I don't have to sit next to him.

4. Many of you may recall that I have an aversion to doing yard work. As I headed out into the great outdoors on Wednesday, I decided to put my feelings aside and try to enjoy the tedious chore of weeding. I kept telling myself that it would be lovely to spend a day outdoors. Not only would I get some exercise, but I would beautify the house at the same time.

After spending a mere ten minutes trying to fight back the army of weeds that had attacked my beds, I came to a conclusion... I still hate it. All of the weeding, and trimming, and mulching... It never ends. Darn this southern climate where vegetation thrives even when you try to kill it.

At least I tried to enjoy myself.

5. I had forgotten how much I love cherry pie. I baked one on Friday and, man, was it good. If you are looking for a no-fail pie crust recipe, click here. It works every time. I promise.

Would I ever lead you astray?

6. My boy has been fighting pneumonia. He just finished his second round of antibiotics yesterday.

I will admit that I have been a little concerned. The hubby came down with a particularly stubborn case of pneumonia last fall. It took nine weeks of antibiotics to clear his lungs. I am hoping that this second batch did the trick.

That concludes my list for today. Have a happy Tuesday!

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nana ha said... Best Blogger Tips

Talk about a trip down memory lane...
Brown Bread was served with a meal of pork chops, baked beans, potato salad and some veggie. Haven't had it in years. Yum!

helen said... Best Blogger Tips

Your giant sized, gum-chewing, test-taker is growing up too fast.

However, there's one possible benefit:soon he'll be able to do the dreaded gardening chores for you.(Ya think?)

mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

Praying this 2nd round of antibotics does the job!

Looks like "the boy" past Zach in height...but, Zach discovered that his feet are the SAME size as Sophie on Sunday...they both got their feet sized for sandals...and the man thought they were twins (they were even both wearing same colored green shirt...lol!) Sophie was NOT happy...she has had for years a 2 inch difference...and in Jan, it was only one inch...and now..seem to be same height...lol! :)

And I agree with Helen...sounds like he is big enough to tackle those outdoor chores! lol! :)

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