A Farewell To Third Grade

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Yesterday marked the boy's last day of third grade. It has been a great year. So great, in fact, that the boy was feeling a little down in the dumps last night. I think he is really going to miss his teacher, Dr. M.

After a rough having a rough time in second grade, Dr. M was a godsend. He was the perfect blend of strict and relaxed, demanding and rewarding. When the boy looks back twenty years from now, I am certain that he will have fond memories of his time in Dr. M's class.

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Last week, the class took The Doc Test. Students who successfully answered a series of questions about Dr. M would earn the right to call him "Doc." The boy passed with flying colors.

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As a final send-off, Doc planned an after-school picnic for his class. As soon as the rest of the school was dismissed at 12:10, Doc's class headed out into the grove for a little fun. They dined on grilled hot dogs and assorted picnic fare and spent several hours running around in the warm spring air.

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The highlight of the picnic was a massive shaving cream fight. The Doc's class only event is legendary up at the school. It was so fun watching the kids try to coat each other, their teacher, and often themselves, in handfuls of white cream.

Once all the cans were empty, we hosed everyone off, said our goodbyes and headed for home. It was the perfect ending to a truly magical year.

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mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh! That sounds like a fun ending to the school year!! :)

nana ha said... Best Blogger Tips

what kind of fun is that!!!

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