Third Grade Talent Show

This week has been jam-packed with endless activities up at the boy's school. One such event was the third grade talent show. The boy decided to play drums and asked the hubby accompany him on electric guitar.

Not to sound like a bragger, but I think they rocked. If a gym full of cheering kids is any indication, I don't think I was the only one. Me = one proud Mom.

Check out the video below.

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helen said... Best Blogger Tips

Ha Drummer Boy is amazing!
I know he'll wow 'em at music camp.

gretchen from lifenut said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm a fan! He's so amazing. You have every right to be proud of both your guys!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips


Wow! I work with that age group every day and I am amazed!! (I think I see a proud Pop too. < smile> ) Was mamma's heart going 90 mph right before they got started? Your young lad has got a bright future!!

mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

They were so awesome! They did rock!! :)

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