A Clean Frig

I spent the better part of two hours the other day rearranging things inside our refrigerator. As you can tell, the fun never ends here at the Ha house.

Apparently when we purchased our refrigerator nine years ago, I had thoughtlessly placed the food in a manner that was only suitable for someone of my height (insert the word short). This oversight made it virtually impossible for a certain tall person to find what he was looking for.

I moved the shelves and reorganized the food, resulting in one happy hubby and an immaculately clean refrigerator. The boy loves the new arrangement because he is convinced it allows more room for his two loves - yogurt and orange juice. The child is easy to please.

As a side note, I was surprised by just how many different condiments, sauces, jams, dressings and relish-like items (pickles, olives, peppers...) we have.
I think I counted five or six different types of mustard. It's like having a mini grocery store right in my own home.

I seriously considered tossing some of the stuff, but I just couldn't do it. You never know when I might get the urge to marinate my chicken in a tamarind, Thai green curry paste, horseradish,
South African chutney, adobo, and roasted red pepper sauce. Dinner anyone?

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mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

Too funny! Are you ready to come over and clean out mine now? lol! Nah...just did a quick clean recently...but, it looks a wreck again already...how does that happen so fast? :)

kathleen said... Best Blogger Tips

Dinner sounds yummy! I'll be right over.

helen said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm on my way...

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