You Asked For a Real Post, But All You Got Was This Crummy List

1. My boy has been home sick for the past two days. I originally thought he had contracted strep throat from the little girl that sits next to him. Thankfully, the boy's throat culture was negative. I guess the burning throat, swollen tonsils and fever were the result of a good old fashioned virus. Lucky boy.

I have heard that strep and a delightful stomach bug have been making the rounds at the elementary school. Nine days into the school year and the plague has already begun. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come...

2. Speaking of my boy... He is obsessed with playing Chart Game, the time-lapse stock trading game. I realize that this is highly unusual for a nine-year-old boy, but honestly, my boy is not your typical kid.

I blame his father.
I wish you could listen to the child carry on after making a good stock trade. He celebrates like a Red Sox fan who just witnessed his team win the 2004 World Series, thus bringing an end to the 86-year drought. It's hilarious.

3. I have recently been experiencing waves of panic. The culprit... A horrible realization that I have neglected to check the voice mail on our home phone. Yes, I'm talking about the same home phone that we disconnected last April. There have also been several times that I was certain that I heard our old land line ringing.

Do you think I should be concerned? They say that the mind is the first thing to go...

4. I forgot to mention that I finally finished painting the master bathroom. The never-ending project has finally been completed. To celebrate, I decided to paint my bedroom as well. I'm crazy like that.

Once my camera battery finishes charging, I promise to snap a few pictures of the completed project. Check back tomorrow.

5. I spent a ridiculous amount of time cleaning out my boy's fish tank this morning. The fun never ends here at the Ha house.

Have you seen the movie, Finding Nemo? Do you remember the part where Nemo, in an last ditch effort to escape the dreaded Darla, lodges a pebble in the tank's filtration system, thus causing a complete shutdown? Overnight the tank goes from being perfectly clean to a green slime covered mess.

Well, the boy's tank looked just like that. Except for the part where his tank was coated in disgusting black gook. Clearly lovely green slime only grows in the movies. It's a miracle Solo and Sludge could survive in the murky waters.

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mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

Sorry to hear the boy has been sick! Is he better yet?
I did NOT know that stuff was ALREADY going around at school...YIKES!
I did, however, already ask Zach if he has heard about lice in the school yet...it is NEVER too soon to prepare for that...Lol!

If hearing things is a sign your mind is going...then mine has been gone for a few years...about the time Zach went to school is when I started hearing things...I'd rather not know what this means about me. :)

And last but, not least, sounds like you have been having fun times in your house (cleaning fish tank)as I'm having in mine...we need to have another get together again and have an all-day talk/avoid housework/and eat yummy breakfast/lunch time real soon!

Nana Ha said... Best Blogger Tips

Sorry to hear Ha Boy isn't feeling well. Tell him Nana Ha sends him a big hug.
Bdrm & Bathrm look great.
Fish tank woes...ugh!

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