Because A List Is All That I Have Time For

In no particular order...

1. My boy has started drinking cow's milk. Big glasses of the stuff. While this doesn't sound like anything out of the ordinary, it's a big deal here at the Ha house.

When the wee lad was a toddler, he suffered from a milk intolerance and was only allowed to drink soy milk. After a few years, the milk issues disappeared, but the boy's palate was to accustomed to the thick, gritty and somewhat sweet taste of soy. He would literally start retching if cow's milk touched his lips.

Two weeks ago, the boy decided that soy milk was disgusting and that cow's milk was suddenly delicious. I have no clue what has brought about this change.

He has also started eating cereal WITH milk, as opposed to handfuls of dry cereal with a cup of milk on the side. Wonders never cease.

2. The poison ivy rash on my arm is slowly improving. The itching, oozing mess has now been replaced with what resembles
the remnants of a few bad burns.

I am really not a vain person. But I have to be honest... I'm 100% certain that I will be left with some really attractive scars (it's just what my skin does) and I'm totally bummed out about it. If only the poison ivy would have touched some place a little more, shall we say, discreet.

I just keep telling myself that scars add character. SCARS ADD CHARACTER. If only I had a great story to go with my red, splotchy arms. Somehow, "I was pulling weeds and bumped up against some poison ivy..." doesn't sound very exciting.


3. I have sent approximately three hundred emails in the last 24 hours. The fall carnival at my boy's school is this week and I am helping by coordinating all of the volunteers. Between the actual scheduling and the job of sending out gentle reminders to our workers, my little fingers have begun to ache.

4. I haven't had a haircut in over six months. At first, things just kept interfering with my ability to make my scheduled appointment. Things like my son deciding that he had to throw up. Can you imagine?

As the blazing hot months of summer passed, I was happy to keep my long locks pulled back in a ponytail. It made the lazy days spent at the pool so much easier and cooler. But now... I'm just sick of it.

The only thing standing between me and a fresh cut is my desire to look good for my brother-in-law's wedding. I am determined to hold out just a few weeks longer so I can look my best for the big day. I just have to resist the urge to shave it all off using my hubby's clippers.

5. My boy has been using some funny expletives when he becomes frustrated. Just this morning, he proclaimed, "MERLIN'S BEARD!" after dumping the entire contents of his school folder onto the floor. The boy picked up another one of my favorites, "Golly Moses," from his third grade teacher.

The best part... my boy gets so tickled after shouting one of his crazy sayings that he has a hard time staying upset. Laughter really is the best medicine.

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mshike said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow! There was a lot of fun information in that list!

I wish Brittany was able to do milk...she won't do any kind dairy due to her intolerance...and with my family's osterporsis (sp?), well, not good news!

Sorry about your soon-to-be scars! If you wear your arm wrapped tonight, I'll be wearing my brace on my left hand and we can hang out together and be the "injured group"...lol! Seriously, I'm sporting a fashion statement...Michael Jackson style...just lovely!

And I hope we DO get to do Family Fun Night...the weather is looking REAL iffy!

Hold off your haircut!! You can do it!! But, I know what you mean about the shaving clippers! I can BARELY hold off going between 12 weeks! More power to you for the 6 months hold off!!

And finally, laughter IS the best medicine! I just wish I could laugh instantly after something happens to upset me...but, eventually, I do come around. :)

Have a lovely day!

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