One Thousand Gifts (#37-54)

37.  Discovering that my boy has been messing around with Photo Booth again.  I love all the crazy pictures that he takes of himself.   
38.  A fresh coat of paint.
39.  Our dear friend's sixteen-year-old daughter who just happens to be the best babysitter EVER.  Really.  My boy adores her.
40.  Going on a double date with friends and discovering a great new restaurant.
41.  My boy's Michael Jackson dance.  It always makes me laugh.
42.  Watching movies with my hubby after the boy has gone to bed.  Thanks, Netflix.
43.  Illy coffee.  Oh, how I love thee.
44.  Receiving a thoughtful email from a friend just when I needed it the most.
45.  A little cheeseburger and Cajun fries from Five Guys.  Sometimes there is nothing better than a good old burger.
46.  Christmas shopping for my boys.  It makes me happy to find things I know they will love.
47.  The boy's new-found love of old Godzilla movies. 
48.  Spending the afternoon with a sweet four-year-old boy.  It gave me flashbacks to when my boy was that age.  Sigh.
49.  Waking up to frost covered ground.  I love winter.
50.  Celebrating Thanksgiving with dear friends and lots of good food.  My tummy is still full.
51.  Pumpkin pie.
52.  Unpacking the Christmas ornaments.  Each one holds a special significance for our family.
53.  The way the lights shimmer on the Christmas tree.
54.  Christmas music.

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