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1.  The boy has recently discovered the old Godzilla movies, thanks to my hubby and good old Netflix.  He loves the cheesy overdubbed dialogue, D-grade special effects, and above all, the corny battle scenes.

This past weekend we watched, "Godzilla: Final Wars."  Next up:  Godzilla 2000:  Millennium and Godzilla:  Tokyo S.O.S..  I can hardly wait.

2.  Have you ever tried mulled wine?  I had my first glass the other night at one of my favorite restaurants in Nashvegas.  I am not much of a drinker, but I think I may have stumbled upon my new winter beverage of choice.

I enjoyed it so much that I decided to make a batch at home.  This recipe from Martha Stewart was wonderful.  I especially liked the addition of cardamon pods. Give it a try. 

3. The hubby and I are just about finished with our Christmas shopping and, I have to tell you, it feels really good.  Please don't hate us.  

Everything is carefully stowed away in our top secret hiding place, a.k.a. the attic.  For the first time, I have caught the boy sneaking around the house trying to catch just a glimpse of his loot.  The little stinker.  

To prevent any peeking, I told the boy that I would never hide anything in the house.  It wasn't really a lie...  I am just choosing not to include the attic in my definition of what "in the house" means. 

The boy is now convinced that all of the presents have been moved to an alternate location.  Mission accomplished.

4.  The boy has been asked to play drums for the winter chorus concert at school.  The music teacher was apparently impressed by his playing at the talent show last spring and decided to utilize his budding skills.  Another little boy is going to play guitar and the hubby is going pinch hit on the bass.

The song that they will be performing is called "Santa is the Man."  It has a "We Will Rock You" kind-of vibe...  Except it's way more repetitive...  and Freddie Mercury isn't singing...

The boy insists on practicing the song every day after school.  In fact, yesterday, he decided to run through it FORTY times.  Dum, Dum, Pah.  Dum, Dum, Pah.  Dum, Dum, Pah.  "Santa is the man and he's got a plan..."  I'm beginning to feel like an ice pick is being stabbed into my brain.  Someone help me.

I'll be sure to shoot some video of the big performance to post on the blog. 

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helen said... Best Blogger Tips

Godzilla movies...cool!
Mulled wine...tasty!
Shop 'n Hide to foil Snoopy-Ha-boy ...clever!
Drummer Ha & Dad Ha will be great!
Emergency treatment to deal with the Dum. Dum. Pah...earplugs!

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