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My boys - May 2004
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The act of putting the boy to bed is something that the hubby and I generally do together.  We herd the wild child back to his room, make sure he is sufficiently covered, say our prayers and then lean in close to smother his sweet freckled face with kisses.

Most nights, after the hubby has gone, the boy invites me onto his bed for "snuggles and conversation."  While there is usually minimal snuggling and loads of chatter, the real reason the boy wants me close is so that I can "scritchy-scratch" his back.  His wife can yell at me later.

Last night, the hubby opted to put the boy to bed by himself.  In all honesty, I didn't mind.  I was happily situated on the sofa, my feet propped up, MacBook in my lap, and the smell of warm peanut butter-chocolate chip cookie bars permeating the air.  Doesn't that sound delightful?

Instead of heading back to join the fellows, I decided to do something else... Eavesdrop on their conversation. Don't tell the boys.  Most of the time, I hear little snippets of there silly banter about farting and other boy stuff.  While that usually guarantees a good chuckle, I much prefer to catch one of their more tender moments.

As I was listening in last night, I overheard this sweet conversation between my two favorite guys...

The hubby:  "Do you know how much I love you?"
The boy:  "Yes, Dad, I do."
The hubby:  "Did you know that God loves you so much more than that?"
The boy:  "How is that even possible?  You love me so much!"

My heart immediately melted into a puddle of goo.

Sometimes I wonder how I ever deserved to be blessed with such a wonderful family.  I am incredibly thankful.

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what a wonderful relationship these two Ha men have for each other...you are all blessed.

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