One Thousand Gifts (185-198)

© shoutingforha

185.  Raindrops clinging to a tree branch.
186.  A boy, cold as ice, climbing in to our bed to get warm.  I know someday soon he will be too old for this, and I will miss it terribly.
187.  The glint of mischief in a little boy's eyes.  It's positively infectious.
188.  A new friend for my boy.  If you ask me, this one's a keeper.
189.  Snuggles on a rainy morning.
190.  The sound of my hubby's breathing, so peaceful, as he sleeps by my side.
191.  Lemon squares. 
192.  Looking at old pictures of my sister and me.
193.  The first glimpse of my boy as he walks out of school.
194.  Our sixth snow day of the year.  A day home from school is a good day.
195.  The giant, furry body of the dog racing towards me when I step in the yard.
196.  Boys giggling as they eat giant spoonfuls of cookie dough.  Nothing better.
197.  My hubby selflessly getting up to let the dog out so I can get some extra sleep.  I love that man.
198.  A flock of starlings soaring and darting across the sky.  It's amazing how they move as if one.

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kathleen said... Best Blogger Tips

Always enjoy your list! It helps me to stop and look at all the goodness around me. Thanks!

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