Boring... It's the Way of the Future

Once again, bedtime seems to be prime time for some crazy talk by the boy.  

As I was trying to tuck the boy into bed, he was becoming more and more wild with every passing minute.  I have found that I can sometimes get him to calm down if I ask him a serious question... something to make him think a little bit.  Our conversation is below:

Me:  "You seem like a wild and crazy guy tonight."
The boy:  "You're right, Mama.  I am."
Me:  "So what do you think you are going to do with your wild and crazy life?  You know, when you're all grown up."
The boy:  "I'm going to be a dad, a drummer and a business man."
Me:  "That sounds nice.  What kind of business?"
The boy:  "You know... something really boring, just like Dad."
Me:  "Boring?  Sounds like you're aiming really high..."
The boy:  "Mom, Boring... It's the way of the future."

With that, I burst out laughing.  I cackled until there were tears streaming down my face and my sides ached in exhaustion.  Then I laughed some more.

Ironically, it wasn't what the boy said that made me lose it, although I do think his comment was hilarious.  The real reason for my outburst was that his words sounded exactly like something my hubby would say.  He is his father's son.

The boy has definitely inherited his father's sense of humor.  I, for one, am thrilled about it. 

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