One Thousand Gifts (164-184)

© shoutingforha

164.  The happy face on our snowman.
165.  A soft cheek.
166.  Finding peace and solitude in a crowded movie theater of all places. 
167.  Climbing in bed after a long, exhausting day.  The pillow cradles my head just right.
168.  A quiet and peaceful house.
169.  The hiss of the pressure canner as it seals jars of homemade soup to be enjoyed later. 
170.  Bright sunlight reflecting off of the snowy ground. 
171.  Lunch invitations arriving by text message.
172.  When the heat in the car finally kicks in on a cold morning.  I love that toasty feeling.
173.  Morning stretching.  It eases any aches and pains and is such a relaxing way to start the day.
174.  The stillness of a snowy morning.
175.  A warm meal on a cold night.
176.  Squeezing in a board game with my boy before bed. 
177.  Laughing until tears stream down my face and my sides ache.  There's nothing better.
178.  Sliding on the wood floors in sock-covered feet.
179.  My hubby's scruffy face. 
180.  A night spent hanging out with friends like we used to in the old days, before life got busy.
181.  An empty laundry basket.  Wonders never cease...
182.  Lazy Sunday afternoons.
183.  Watching new family movies made by my hubby. 
184.  Girls night out.

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