A List For the New Year

Shooting at stumps across the Harpeth River.
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Happy New Year!  As you may have noticed, I have been rather absent from the old blog for the past few weeks.  I was enjoying some down time with my guys.  It has been truly wonderful.

Now that I am completely rested, I thought I would kick off the new year with this list...

1.  One of my boy's favorite Christmas gifts was a new pellet gun.  It had been at the top of his Christmas list all year.  Santa must have been paying attention.

Before the boy was allowed to shoot his new gun, the hubby and I gave him a serious talk about the dangers of said weapon.  We reminded him that the new gun is different from his BB gun.  Instead of little BBs, the pellet gun shoots hollow point pellets which are capable of killing small game.

In addition to going over the proper operating procedures, we reminded the boy that, per the Ha family house rules, he would be required to eat anything that he killed.  We also emphasized that any reckless behavior could result in DEATH, shooting his eye out, DEATH, serious injury, DEATH, or even DEATH.

Once the boy was sufficiently scared, he and the hubby spent a few hours testing the new weapon.  A good time was had by all.

2.  Thanks to the gift of Apple TV, we have spent hours looking at Ha family movies and slide shows of compiled from the 10,000+ pictures in my iPhoto.  It has been so much fun.

In related news, the hubby and I decided to give Comcast the big heave-ho.  We were tired of paying overly inflated prices for sub-par service.  And besides, who needs cable when you can gaze at images of yourself on a freakishly large screen.

3.  My sister sent me an email asking me to make a correction on this old post.  I was happy to obey.

4.  There was a big surprise waiting for me under the Christmas tree this year...  a Canon T2i.  Is my hubby an amazing gift giver, or what!?

After fiddling with the camera for just a few days, I have been blown away by the quality of both the pictures and HD video.  One of my goals for the New Year is to master all of the T2i's many features.  The hubby has been sending me links to instructional videos to help get me started.  

I am hoping that this old lady can still learn a few new tricks.  Wish me luck.

What about you, dear readers?  Did Santa leave anything special under your tree this year?

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helen said... Best Blogger Tips

MMXI is off to a good start for Mrs. Ha...Happy New Year!

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