One Thousand Gifts (129-147)

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129.  Finally having my own "Mom" plate.  Isn't it ten kinds of awesome?!  I am certain that everything will taste better when eaten off this wonderful dish.
130.  My boy's friend, H., who pops by the house all the time.  I am a big fan of the pop over.
131.  The way Brick runs to the car and hops inside after he's been on a little trot around the neighborhood.  It sure beats trying to chase him.
132.  Ice cold water.
133.  Wood shavings left behind after an hour spent whittling.
134.  My boy's hat hair.  It looks strangely like matted dog fur.
135.  The way a freshly vacuumed floor feels under my feet.
136.  Watching family movies on the TV screen.  Thanks, Apple TV for making it so darn easy.
137.  A relaxing hour spent coloring in this.
138.  My new Canon T2i. 
139.  Sushi with my guys.
140.  The smell of a clean boy.  It's especially wonderful when he's skipped a shower for a few days.
141.  Toasting on New Year's Eve.
142.  Rainy nights that are perfect for sleeping. 
143.  My boy's annual New Year's Day jam. 
144.  All the promise that comes with the start of a new year.
145.  Our friend, C.'s, smoked pork butt.  He is a master at smoking meat in his handy-dandy smoker.  I dare you to find a tastier butt anywhere. 
146.  M.'s oatmeal cookies.  They are seriously the best on earth.  I've tried to duplicate them, but mine fall short every time.
147.  Watching my boy play with our friends little kids.  He is so patient and kind.  Not only does it make me proud, it confirms my suspicion that he would have made a wonderful big brother.

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