One Thousand Gifts (199-210)

199.  A messy house.  I'm learning to love the disorder knowing that one day, I will look back and wish that my house was still filled with noisy children and a shedding dog.
200.  Almond butter on toast.
201.  Digging out a few of our favorite picture books to read before bed.  I love how the old classics are just as enjoyable to a nine-year-old as they were when he was three.
202.  Tender words between a father and son.
203.  My boy's wild hair. 
204.  A witty sense of humor. 
205.  The sound of icicles shattering as they drop from the eaves on a sunny January day.
206.  The excitement on the boy's face as we filled out our application for the 2011 JAM Summer Music Camp.  He had such a good time last summer that July can't come soon enough.
207.  When the gentleman bagging my groceries suddenly burst into song.  I love my neighborhood grocery store.
208.  Napping on a Saturday afternoon.  I can't remember the last time I did it, but boy do I feel rested.
209.  The never-ending stream of boys coming to play at our house.  My son is blessed with wonderful friends.
210.  A clear blue sky.

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Wandering On Purpose said... Best Blogger Tips

Stopping by from Ann's community. Napping on a Saturday...a true gift.

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