Homemade Lotion Bars

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Hello, my name is Mrs. Ha and I am a lotion junkie.  Just ask my hubby.  I have a bottle of lotion or container of salve by every sink in the house, in the drawer of my nightstand, in my purse, in the console of my car...  I never know when my hands might come in contact with water and need a little moisturizing.

You can never be too careful about these things.

One of my favorite ways to keep my hands nice and soft is by making homemade lotion bars.  They are super easy to make and moisturize my hands like nothing else.  They also do wonders for my feet which take all manner of abuse since I am constantly barefoot.

I keep a lotion bar in a pretty blue dish right next to my kitchen sink.  When my hands feel a little dry, I simply grab the bar, rub it around in my hands for a few seconds and then massage the lotion into my skin.

Lotion Bars

4 oz. beeswax
4 oz. shea butter
5 1/2 oz. coconut oil
essential oil of your choice

For this project, I prefer to use beeswax pearls.  It eliminates the hassle of grating 4 oz.  Unfortunately, all I had was a block of beeswax.  The grating can be quite tedious, so be patient.

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Place the grated beeswax or the beeswax pearls in a glass measuring cup.  Microwave on high for 1 1/2 to 3 minutes, or until the beeswax has melted.

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Add the shea butter and coconut oil.  Microwave again, in 60 second increments, until all of the oils have melted.  Add a few drops of essential oil (I used lavender) and stir to combine.

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Pour the mixture into molds.  I like to use a muffin pan.  The size seems to fit perfectly in my hand.  Allow the mixture to cool completely.  If you are having trouble getting the bars to release, just pop the pan in the freezer for a few minutes.  It works like a charm.

Why don't you make some homemade lotion bars of your own. Your skin will thank you for it.


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Priority said... Best Blogger Tips

Wish Mrs. Ha would just mail me a lotion bar instead. :)

helen said... Best Blogger Tips

I've tried your lovely handmade soaps and enjoyed 'em. So what's holding up the samples of lotion?

Melinda said... Best Blogger Tips

You make it sound so easy! :) I would love to give it a try!

Em and Lib said... Best Blogger Tips

this does sound easy1
thanks for hte tip!

the momma said... Best Blogger Tips

This certainly sounds easy enough :-)

these measurements ~ are they liquid or weight?

shoutingforha said... Best Blogger Tips

@the momma

Sorry for the slow reply. All of the measurements are liquid.

Jean Marie said... Best Blogger Tips

Definitely going to try this!!
Ayurvedic Skin Care

Annewow said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh lotion bars how i want you so!! I am ordering enough stuff from bulkapothecary.com/categories/massage-oil-lotion.html that i will be gifting these to all my girlfriends for a girls night favor!!

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