One Thousand Gifts (238-249)

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"...slapping a sloppy brush of thanksgiving over everything in my life leaves me deeply thankful for very few things in my life… " - Ann Voskamp

238.  Buds appearing on tree branches.  Spring, are you showing yourself already?
239.  Fried chicken. 
240.  Book club.  I love getting together with the girls to talk.  Sometimes we get a little crazy and actually discuss a book.
241.  When Brick dreams that he is running.  I think his legs see more action in his sleep than they do when he is awake. 
242.  Phone calls from my boy.  I love the sound of his husky voice on the phone.
243.  A long, hot shower. 
244.  Boys playing in the creek. 
245.  Noticing the way my boy's shoulders are becoming so broad and strong.  How amazing it is to watch a child grow from boy to man.
246.  The stillness of an early morning.
247.  The sound of dozens of songbirds in my back yard.  Growing up in Colorado, I never noticed how few birds there were.  I am always amazed by the numbers and varieties of birds that call my Tennessee back yard their home. 
248.  Lunchtime visits from my hubby.  I love when I get to see him during the middle of the day.
249.  Long bike rides with my boy.  The weather was perfect on Sunday... sunny, warm and with a cool breeze.

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